• Kevin

Real Estate Video during COVID

COVID has been a scary time for people both in their personal and professional lives. Our first, and natural reaction is to recoil both at home and the office. And understandably so, we are trying to prevent the spread, so now more than ever we need to hunker down. And while hunkering down does have it's benefits.. more time with the kids, finally getting to that dreaded honey-do list- it can do some serious damage to your real estate business. Real estate will continue even there is a zombie apocalypse and you don't want to be left behind. In fact, real estate video is more important now more than ever since we can't show clients the property face to face. With real estate video we can fully present your property in several ways (from the ground, drone, 3d tours) without your client having to travel or visit the property. And you also don't have to come face to face with us, or them, either. It's all done virtually, so everyone stays safe- plus you can continue to grow your real estate business.

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